First period after abortion has lasted two weeks is this normal?

Whats done is done idc if you agree or you dont. You dont know the situtation.

My period started two weeks ago. I had hardley stopped bleeding from the abortion when i started bleeding heavily so i assume its my period one month after the abortion. It was so heavy at use a tampon in five minutes. One point i drove to walmart and bleed through a super tampon and a over night pad and my shorts. I also had severe cramping. It was awful but it slowed down. Its been two weeks but im still bleeding lightly but enough for a tampon. Whennnnnn will it stop? Im so sick of thinking this is almost over when i start gushing blood again its embarressing and frightening and depressing

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  • 7 years ago
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    I would never judge you hunny, it was your choice to have the abortion and I don't see anything wrong with that decision, it's your life and you may do as you please. Yes, all of it is normal. After the abortion your body needs some time to stabilize again so you're perfectly okay, it'll be back to normal soon.

  • 7 years ago

    I agree with squelly one hundred percent but i would just like to add that if you feel frightened that something is wrong please call your doctor and tell them about your bleeding and they will either reassure you its normal or ask you to come in, just in case something is wrong because you want to catch it sooner than later.

    <3 No judgement here, it's your life and we don't know your circumstances. Best of luck.

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