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Why do parents abandon children?

My mom and dad abandoned most if my life. I'm 18 and they finally came back into my life a couple years ago. I live with my dad and he pisses me off to the highest extents. He always seems stressed and says "it's sometimes annoying taking care of a child" like wtf dude you abandoned me during my most needed time my elementary years and then you sent me off to my grandparents! My parents are honestly a bit pathetic. I'm pretty sure they feel guilty and I'm nice to them because if that. But dang they pathetic. My mom always told me I wanted to be with my dad and not her. Then my dad sais she ran away and he abandoned because of drugs. At least if they were there I wouldn't for so so lost. I see my grandparents as real parents even though its my step grandpa, but I still love them. They are amazing and I am going to do as much as I can for them, but also for me of course. I'm just wondering why parents are like this? Seems like so many lies.

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    Well, may not be the child doing as per the parents expectations.

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