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Is age more important than talent?

I am trying out for my high school volleyball team and I have the talent and skill for varsity. But there are girls older than me who were on varsity last year that I am better than. I fear that the coach will put me on JV rather than cut really bad seniors. I don't know what to do to get on Varsity but I will do anything. I don't know what to say to the coach to improve my chances. But I also don't want to hurt feeling. Please help!

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    No age is not more important than talent but if your younger and there are good players above you you're likely to go down. Seniors can't play down so they will most likely get the position if they are good at their position. If they are really bad (truly not just in your opinion because we all know you also think that because you just want their position lol) then the coach won't even let them on the team from try-outs. And if you want to get on varsity then just try extra hard in practice and they might move you up. You shouldn't go up to the coach and talk about it just maybe show that you are trying your absolute hardest and show her that you deserve it. Don't say it: prove it. :)

    Source(s): Basketball, Volleyball, Softball, and Soccer player: always played up and had the coaches favor from trying the hardest out of everyone (but then again ALOT of people at my school are VERY lazy) :P
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    Talent is a great start but you have to show the Coaches that you are a team player. Show them you will do whats best for the team. Show them you are coach-able. Always look at a Coach when they

    talk to you. So they will know you are paying an attention to them. If they want you to do something their way do it. When on the court playing be loud,try not to let a ball in your area hit the court. Also another way to show 1st team is always cheer on the other players when you on court and when you not on court. Work hard when you out cover tips,block what every it takes. My show you are being see

    and heard doing something.

    The best way is to show The Coach you are talented and willing to work. Don't petty talking behind other player back. If you are going to do ,do at home if you have to get it off your mind. If the Coach don't put you on Varsity at first. Don't stop believe in yourself because if the Coach wants to win

    then her or him have to put out the best team forward. The best player should be playing. Hope you makes the team that your skills say should be on. Hope you have a great season and enjoy it,too. Good Luck!

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    Talent is a starting point but also important is players' chemistry - how well they play together and sometimes there are players who aren't as talented but they help make the team play better when they are in the set. The other thing is that in most schools, team members have to pay their dues to reach varsity level and seniors who had never played varsity don't automatically make varsity. Usually seniors who make the varsity team have worked their way up through the lower teams to earn their spot.

    Be humble and find ways to make your teammates better when you are on the court and your talent level will find the proper place.

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    No there is no need of age but you need to have talen. In my view talent is more have the talent and skill for varsity,it is good.Try to convince coach as much as you can

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