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How to stop myself from self harming?

I'm just gonna cut to the case and not poor out my whole life story to you. But when I get annoyed with things or upset or angry, I want to cut myself. I don't own anything I really can cut myself with, so I just jam my finger nails into my skin, and it works. But I always feel bad about doing it. I'm afraid one day it won't b as effective and ill want to cut. My parents don't know, they actually have no clue. But they r usually the cause of it. I don't know what to do.

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    I dont cut or anything but I know of a few things that might help :)

    - When you feel annoyed or upset you can close your eyes and just take a minute to breathe and relax. I get annoyed also, everyone does, the important thing is that you relax. And think about good things in life

    - There are also a lot of support groups. I dont know if you are suicidal but this may help. The semicolon project for example is when you draw a semi colon on your wrist. You probably know this but a semi colon is is where a sentance could have stopped but it didn't. It kept going. lol Its like a reminder that you can get through whatever is stressing you.

    -Another idea is drawing an infinity sign of your arm. Anything that will remind you that you are stron and beautiful and amazing!

    - Also instead of cutting or digging your fingernails into your skin, just take a pen and draw a line where you would normally hurt yourself. That is what my friend did and she eventually stopped cutting!

    Also, it may seen obvious, but talk to your parents! Even if they stress you out, they care about you. And it seems like you care about yourself too. Talk to them and figure out a plan to give each other space and communicate!

    Next time you feel like cutting (or jabbing your fingernails into your arm) Think about how you felt afterwords. You said you felt upset. Think about that and remember everything gets better!

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): 16 year old girl who likes to help others :)
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