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What to do if someone try to hack your computer?

I was on oovoo and this girl notified me to not add this boy cause he hack into things and mess up your stuff. So I have blocked him reported him for sexual harassment because he asked me to show him my breast and butt so I did not now he said its cool he will just hack it so like I said I blocked him reported him and turned off the computer for a while so can he still hack in to it and any advice on what should be the next step Please I need help im nervous and scared.

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    Any person can hack into a networked (on the Internet) computer if it is online (connected). That is a risk we all take and try to circumvent using Anti intrusion software.

    But, if your PC doesn't have pics of you with your breasts and butt visible, no one can access them.

    Moreover I am a bit sckeptical about this guys skills on hacking.

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    First of all get skype or steam. Second just get a program like peerblock or something. If you get peerblock it will tell you his IP and you could give it to me. I am a White Hat (;.

    He is probably just trolling or being an a s s hole. Dont worry.

    I will black hat to white hat seriously

    Source(s): I am a White Hat hacker (I do the opposite of a bad hacker)
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    Contact the FBi online abuse

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