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Omron blood pressure monitor?

Since my Mom was diagnosed with high blood pressure we've lived in three states. However I've noticed that though she been to three different doctors they all recommended she get an Omron pressure monitor. Why?

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  • Sandra
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    5 years ago

    Yes it could. Takes time till your heart will adapt to it. But not all irregular heart beats are dangerous. It can happen if I yell at you or any situation that causes some kind of stress, also too much coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, stress, anxiety and more. Electronic monitors are very sensative. Relax and get concerned if your monitor detects irregular beats all the time. Monitor it when you wake up, happy mood, not when you are anxious and angry of something. It will show your normal heart response and offcourse the monitor will interprete as an irregular heart beat. Besides how are U feeling at the time of an abnormal signal, are you dizzy, or having difficulty breathing?, may be chest pain, pressure on the chest, severe or moderate heartburn ?. (Then something wrong is going on). Also avoid monitoring your blood pressure every hour, the false positive readings will be high. Monitor it when you are not feeling OK (like you feel your heart beating, or you hear your heart beat in your ear, you have chest pain. may be the dose of the drug should be adjusted. OK? otherwise relax, take it easy and monitor your blood pressure once a a day at a fixed time and monitor more frequently according to the symptoms I just described. GOOD LUCK

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    3 years ago, I was diagnosed - hypertension with a reading of 160/100. I used to feel dizzy a lot, my legs had awful cramps, and levels were very low in my potassium, causing my fingers and toes to always cramp together. One day I started to feel really faint while I was driving with my daughter in the back seat and I passed out, hitting 3 cars and ending up in a ditch. That moment,I knew I had to do something because my meds weren't working. I heard about this diet from a friend and thought I'd give it a shot. The results have been remarkable. In just 21 days, I honestly can't remember feeling this good, my blood pressure went from 175/110 to 125/70.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You should read "The Blood Pressure Solution" (also available in electronic format, watch the video presentation here: ) It's a very comprehensive step-by-step book that walks you through the natural remedies of high blood pressure. It provides you with a lot of information on what foods to eat, how you can acquire and prepare these foods, how you can change your lifestyle for the better, how to eliminate the toxins from your body, how to reduce stress, how you can check your blood pressure level the correct way etc.

    The book is amazing in that it not only lowers your blood pressure without the help of medications; it also aids you in having a life that is healthy, happier, and less stressful. This book chanced my life.

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    7 years ago

    They have recommended it because it is easy to use and provides most accurate result at home. All over these it is affordable also.

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