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Just a rant about my issue maybe some advice would be cool I guess?

I'm 15. My cousin, who I've been compared to all my life is16, and were I the same grade (juniors) and she ready has a learners permit and know exactly where she wants to go to college and what for. Well the past few weeks all day every day my father has been straight up hounding me about my college choices. I mean tonight he told me if I don't make a descison on where I want to go by tomorrow morning he's cutting off the electricity. This is ridiculous!! He tells me I'm lazy, irresponsible, and unmotivated and says I probably won't even last in college cuz he doesn't think I can even support myself. Ill have him know I've raised my baby brother more than his parents have. I honestly have no ****ing clue where I want to go to school. My only interest, and it's mild at that, is art. I would love to go to school in North Carolina, but that's where my cousin is planning to go, and once again ill just be told I'm trying to be like her.

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    Dear Poop,

    I'm surprised that your father can say such mean, unkind and unloving things to you, I'm sure it must hurt your feelings. At least he is offering you a choice of colleges, and that's something good. Cutting electricity? That's strange, as it would affect everyone in the home. Please don't compare yourself to your cousin, even if everyone else does, she is very unusual in knowing exactly what she wants at her young age. Most of us have much more difficulty with making these major life decisions, often into our twenties, much less at 15. Take it one step at a time, regardless of your dad's pressuring and put-downs. First, get yourself to some college, even a junior college, considering costs, access to the location ,how hard or easy it would be to be accepted, and know that your choice to go to college is already a very big decision in itself.

    The majority of freshmen and even students who have been there longer do NOT know what they wish to do, or even what major to choose. No worry, since the first two years are primarily filled with general education requirements that everyone has to take,before they start taking classes in their majors. And, there are academic and career counselors on every college campus, who are there precisely to help you with these choices.

    Honey, I myself had a terrible time with these life changing decisions, and for the first five years, I changed my major five times! I even graduated and still wasn't sure what I wanted to be when I grew up.

    But it all worked out in the end. I eventually went on to earn a Master's Degree and Ph.d., followed by a satisfying career. So tell you dad to ease up on you, and feel free to share this with him. Tell him you need him to be more in your corner, and that you appreciate that he wants you to go to college, but that you will need to take longer than tomorrow to figure out where to go. Then, set yourself some goals to start working on the process and show him your progress, bit by bit. He'll appreciate it. Better yet, perhaps he and your mom can help with it,too. Best wishes, ~Dr. Stephanie

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    First off your dad is being a dick. I hate when parents push you around just because they can legally do so. It's the same as a bully. And don't listen to what anyone says. Do what you want. Grow ul. Move out. Do whatever and wherever life takes you. Don't let family keep you down. They are you family. Not your consience.

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    That's really mean of your dad to say. :( He should give you a break! College is alot go think about. My family constantly tells me that too. (I'm also a junior in High School and i also have no idea where i want to go either) You should go to north California because you want to. They should know that. Not compare you.

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