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Do skinnier women get more attention than curvy women?

Curvy women with big hips and breasts?

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    Everyone gets more or less the same amount of attention, in my opinion. It's different types of attention from different people.

    People may look at a skinny woman and come across stereotypical thoughts like "She must be anorexic" and a curvy women may get... Visual attention. (Just an example, OKAY!?)

    However, girls may look at skinny girls and be jealous because they're not FAT (as they deem it) and girls may look at CURVY girls and get negative impressions that concern trying-too-hard and whatnot.

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    By curvy do you mean CURVY, or do you mean chubby? Because there are not a lot of curvy women out there. Not everyone can look like a Kardashian. Big boobs, little waste, big hips. Most women aren't lucky enough to have their fat disperse that nicely. It's much easier to find a thin, athletic woman with a nice body than it is to find a larger woman with a nice body. That's just how it is. It's all in how your body is proportioned, and not so much size. I'm very petite. I weigh 100 lbs, and I'm about 5'2. I'm thin, but I'm also a bit curvy. I have a butt and nice sized boobs for my body size. I have nice body. My friend weighs 200 lbs. She actually has a nice body too. She's lucky enough to have an hourglass shape.

    Most women aren't lucky enough to have their fat disperse evenly. Most women have like a big stomach with little boobs and flat butt, or something.

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    if anything they get less attention, skinny women aint got nothing to offer unlike the curvy women that have the triple winning package:big hips ,breasts and a beautiful face

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  • Depends on you definition of curvy.

    People seem to have differing definitions of curvy.

    Christina Hendricks is curvy.

    Some have the delusion that curvy is fat, because its just a nicer way of saying whale.

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    Yea I think MORE MEN prefer a curvylicious women than just skinny women :)

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    From other women they do, and from the media. In my experience men do prefer curves.

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    Honestly, I see a lot more men who like women that have a bit of 'meat' on them.

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    Im sick of this black/white question, all women are pretty in their own way.

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