Mental abuse from the family?

I feel so unloved from my family every single day my brother will call me, fat, stupid, ugly, unloved, and more my parents hears what he says but never does anything they just brush it off like they never even heard it. My brother has a girlfriend and I caught them having sex, he begged me not to tell my parents, so I agreed I saved for him many times but still he treats me like **** he beats me up even though I'm younger and he doesn't show any mercy he'll punch me till I bruise and break all of my stuff. My mom will always call me stupid and once said I can't wait till you leave this house. She never has a smile on her face when she sees me but to my brother she'll do anything for him but when i ask for something she'll throw a fit. I try to be a good daughter and sister but I guess I'm not good enough. this is the first time I'm opening up to anyone let alone the whole web please I need help I've been having suicidal thoughts and I've been cutting myself secretly I feel like my life was a mistake please help me

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Don't you think you have a little leverage since you know things about your brother that he wants kept secret?

    Depression is anger turned inwards toward yourself. Redirect your anger to where it belongs - your mean brother. Use what you know about him to get some respect.

    Try giving your mother a smile and maybe she'll smile back. Smiles are very important.

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