Burgundy hair to medium brown hair?

I dyed my hair burgundy on friday and we ran out of dye, so some of it is a bit lighter than the rest, and my roots are really dark and some other parts. My hair is pretty purplish and im not sure if i really like it, it has faded a little bit but i was wondering if i dyed it tomorrow with this medium natural brown color if it would look more even throughout and brown or atleast more brown?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    hey, my hair is also naturaly light brown, and I always dye it dark burgundy, and when it starts fading it looks dark as if the dark colors stay longer and the reds fade faster. I recomend that you dont wash it that often,but if you do try washing it with cold water I've noticed that it helps the color stay longer.

    the darks are harder to remove ,and the reds are more likely to fade faster, My stylist does tell me that every time I dye my hair,and I just don't listen.P.S shes been my stylist for 15 years.

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