is chiropractics good or bad? how are you supposed to fix back problems?

i am really starting to wonder. i have a lot of back/neck problems and i'm only 18 years old and i don't know whyyyyy i am like this.... i see a chiropractor and for a while when i was real bad i went three times a week. i believe that overall that helped me. but now i go once a month at most, and it seems like everytime i go it just exasperates whatever problem i may be having. when i start having any sort of pain i try my best to just stretch everyday and work it out myself, and i had as of yesterday alleviated the majority of my most recent back problem. but then i went to the chiropractor, and today the pain is back, but to a far worse extent, to the point where i sometimes cryyy, and i almost cannot walk or get up if i lay/sit down.... whatttttt am i supposed to dooooo just cryyyyyyy, why does there seem to be no real answer to back pain... yes this is whiny. i'm just depressed that i need a cane at my age.... and i get really scared imagining how much worse it might be in the future...

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  • 7 years ago
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    You have found out what most people already know, chiropractic is nothing but a scam. Stay away from the quacks.

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