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Disney Open Call/ Audtion advice?

Hello! So I got an email that told me about the San Antonio Disney Open Call this weekend. I am turning 15, 125 lbs. and like 5'6". I have strawberry blonde hair and it's pretty long and I also have blue eyes. My parents are super supportive and we are gonna drive 8 hours to the audition. I have done many productions in the past and I also speak spanish.. I was wondering how I can stand out. I love singing and acting so I am not worried about that part. I just want to stand out and also know how to calm my nerves..Thank you so much!!! If you are going or have gone to a disney open call TWEET ME!!!! @katalvas !! I wanna know as much as I can before going into this (: ily and thanks!!

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    Good luck. Just understand that this isn't an audition for a specific role or anything like that. Simply, you're NOT going to be "discovered". The industry just doesn't work that way. Disney actors are not plucked from obscurity like you see on TV. Almost exclusively, Disney hires seasoned actors with strong professional resumes. They are a corporation with a lot of money at risk for every project. They put their wagers on actors who are known quantities and who can guarantee professionalism.

    What it is, is a chance for you to get in front of some casting directors that work for Disney and be seen. It's a type of networking. It is one baby step in a very long process toward a professional acting career. And it's a good publicity stunt for Disney to build buzz among it's core audience for it's new shows. If you're looking for some quick, easy way to be "discovered" - not going to happen. I know everyone likes to point out how Selena Gomez was "discovered" at one of these things. But that was eleven years ago. That people can't point to anyone more recent tells you something about how hard this is.

    I'm not trying to drag you down or anything, just wanting you to be realistic (and hopefully that will help calm your nerves). The best way to stand out is simply to be yourself and be good at what you do. How it will probably work is that they will give you a short monologue to memorize while you're waiting. Then they'll take groups of kids in (like 10 at a time or so). You'll introduce yourself and take turns doing the monologue. That's about it. There will literally be THOUSANDS of kids there, so they're not going to spend a great deal of time with each kid. Bring your head shot and resume (make sure your resume mentions you speak Spanish). You might want to prepare a couple of monologues and a song just in case.

    Any professional career you might have as a minor, YOUR PARENTS have to be very actively involved in (for your sake). Professional acting is a business. It's like starting a company and you are the product that has to be marketed and sold. You need a good product (talent, training and experience), but you (and your parents if you're a minor) need to have a good understanding of the business as well. Something your parents (and you if you want to understand a bit more about the indutry) should read over:

    I get that this is exciting, but open calls like this is not the only (or the best) way to get a professional career going. So just keep in mind that it's not like this is your only shot. Even if nothing comes of it, you can still have the experience of attending a Disney open audition. But I do wish you all the luck and I hope it's fun for you!

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    Please don't get too excited about this.

    These open calls are really only a publicity stunt, and just for fun.

    Disney itself admits this.

    They get their actors from a few top LA agencies, who get their clients from a few top LA stage schools. And they like to get them before they're 12 years old.

    Also, even if you did get a role, as almost all filming is done in LA, you and your family would have to move there for even a minor role lasting a couple of weeks. They wouldn't pay for you to get there or live there.

    You'd be better off concentrating on your education, your stage school, and aiming for a degree in Drama.

    Disney is a crap company to work for anyway - the style is unrealistic, exaggerated and fake, and hardly any of their actors ever get any acting work after working for them. It ruins them for real acting.

    If you're going to go to this audition, do it for fun. Do your best, and chalk it down to experience.

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    I wanted to do that audition SO BADLY. I live in Chicago though:( just be unique and make your personality glow. Be professional, yet fun and cool to be around. Do you think I can submit a video audition?

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