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Please help... Week-old razor burn/red pimply skin "down there"?

Alright, so I tried shaving "down there" maybe a week ago and it definitely didn't go smoothly (no pun intended haha). I guess I applied too much pressure on the upstrokes, causing the skin just above and to the sides of my pubic region to become irritated and bleed a little. Anyways, over the next few hours I developed a razor burn, along with the emergence of a number of small red "pimply" marks, very similar to the kind you can get on your face. Anyways, I tried applying moisturizing lotion as well as aloe gel with little success - these products will soothe the area, but not eliminate the red marks. I've also tried washing with a salicylic acid scrub without many results. Anyone know how I can get rid of these annoying little bumps quickly? As far as I can tell none of the hairs are ingrown and starting to come back just fine, so I don't think I need to see a doctor. Thanks guys!

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    Honestly, I've just let it run its course. Razor burn and those bumps aren't acne, so the salicylic acid wouldn't help much. After time a short while it should go away. Also, if its stubble length, try using lotion instead of shaving gel or cream. Worked fine for me.

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    It's a pretty common thing. A lot of times it can be because your razor is dull. Moisturizing right after you get done shaving can help minimize the razor burn. It's annoying but nothing you can ever completely get rid of as long as you shave. Waxing is an alternative.

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    in my experience this is what i do to get rid of them:

    wash the area with soap regularly like a few times a day

    exfoliate it with some sort of scrub that has the microbead things in it and a rag, but be gentle

    just being in the hot steam of the shower alot should help too

    wear loose clothing and no underwear til they subside, if you be squishin em in thongs and tight jeans while they're there you will only make them much much worse.

    don't scrape at them, don't try to pop them. just keep washing (don't wash your actual vag with the soap tho nono)

    for the future, shave with the grain. it will not be as smooth, but less risk of bumps. you can try adding conditioner into your shaving cream it'll help. exfoliate the area before you shave that prevents ingrown hairs. don't wear tight clothes or undies right after shaving.

    but forreal girl, i don't shave there anymore. it is not meant to be done why you think our bodies react with blood and rashes...... i don't think it's worth it.

    Source(s): edit: when you do shave there, always use a new, nice razor. no old prison shanks
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