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Help with economics: find GDP using both expenditure and income approach?

(a) Identify each of the components used for the expenditure approach to com- (4)

puting GDP. Compute GDP.

(b) Identify each of the components used for the income approach. Compute GDP (6)

at factor cost and GDP at market prices.

Here are the figures:

Corporate Profits before taxes 177084

Statistical Discrepancy (expenditure approach) 1144

Factor Taxes less subsidies 74244

Investment 305924

Unincorp. Business Income 104512

Wages, Salaries & Supplemental Labour Income 854420

Personal Consumption 943748

Net Farm Income 1632

CCA 231048

Exports 471704

Product taxes less subsidies 99724

Interest & Investment Income 68756

Imports 520548

Government Spending 423412

Gov’t Enterprise Profits 15820

Inventory Valuation Adjustment -712

Statistical Discrepancy (income approach) -1144

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