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is ANY dry cleaner in NYC willing to take a coat with leather trim?

I have a salmon colored coat with a black leather collar that I need to have dry cleaned. I am hesitant however, because a few months ago I had a cream top with black leather trim that 3 different dry cleaners in my area refused. I live in downtown NYC and even hit up my neighborhood's most expensive cleaners hoping they could do something. I ended up doing it myself and long story short the top was ruined. Is anyone aware of someone in the city that specializes in this kind of care? All of the cleaners I went to DID have a leather specialist available, but still were not willing to be responsible for the top. I see so many cute pieces out there with leather trim so I find it hard to believe that every person who has bought a Helmut Lang jacket can only wear it once after it's dirty. Thoughts? Would be very much appreciated!

ps. I am not into any of those home dry cleaning kits...

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    The problem you have is that dry cleaners are not providers of "extended warrantys" for clothing manufacturers and sellers. Why should they become the "guinea pig" if something goes wrong? Leather trims have been and always will be problematic since dry cleaning can in some cases be the revealer of bad dye, poor tanning, poor construction, etc.

    My suggestion is to call the store where you bought it, get a name of a dry cleaner willing to try it and if there is a problem, the store will refund you your hard earned dollars that you spent there (at a much, much higher profit contribution to the store, than the one the dry cleaner has on cleaning the item).

    You are right about wearing once and throwing away to an extent! Remember that no dry cleaner has agreed to be the "insurance Policy" for some clothing shop or manufacturer!

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