Winning back the girl of my dreams, please help?

Okay so I screwed up big time with the girl of my dreams. We were almost at the two year mark and we were drifting apart. We both just graduated so we are both 18, going into college. I let the drifting apart interfere and I cut things off, to take a break. At the time, I told her I want to see if we can work things out in a couple months, we both thought it was a good idea. I still had plans to ask her to our senior prom, but it she heard a rumor I was asking a different girl, so she told me she might ask a guy a year below us, out of anger and jealousy I just asked a different girl instead.

That night she made out with the kid at the same after party I was at because they were both drunk. Seeing her with another guy made me realize how stupid I was. Since then she also hooked up with another guy one night, before we decided we really wanted to work things out. So that makes two, and I know she's not making a habit out of it because at a party a couple weeks ago the same kid tried to kiss her and she pushed him away and left. I have come to realize shes irreplaceable, I think about her day and night, I think about the long haul, all of it. She's really a special girl, she's a good girl, going to a great college with a great future and she was the best girlfriend I could of asked for. Now she doesn't know how she feels, she spends a lot of time with her friends, sometimes partying, and doesn't put me first while I'm doing everything I can to fix things. We belong together I know it, but I need to make her fall back in love with me, the way she did once. I have tried a lot, I know she wants to be together but she's blocking it out, even her sister agrees. She's too caught up and scared I'm gonna hurt her again. I gave her the world, and still do, and she used to be the one who was clingy and deeply in love with me, and I want that back.

I've tried everything, and it usually works temporarily but then she'll just get upset with me over something stupid. So since I know prom was so important to her, and I feel so terrible that I screwed it up for mainly her but also me, I have a plan to try and steal her heart back. This weekend I am going to throw a private prom, I'm going to invite her over for "big plans", get her prom dress from her sister, and when she shows up be dressed and hand her the dress, with a living room full of lit candles. I plan to have flowers and dinner on the table and I'll play music for us to dance too.

What else could I do, whether it be with this prom idea or a whole other idea on winning her back? This is basically two questions in one, one is about this night and one is in general on what I could do to make her have those old feelings she once had. Is this prom thing a good idea?

Please don't say move on, I've tried and I can't something won't let me. She is litterly the girl of my dreams.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    I know you dnt want this answer and i totally understand but she needs to come to the understanding that your the one for her too, you can't just force it on her! Stay in her life and let her realize that your the one for her! And if she dosnt dont waste your time!

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