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whats my name in japanese?

whats my name in japanese and how do you write also TELL ME WHAT KIND

NAME: Sandy


Tell me both name and show it written in japanese

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    English names are written in Katakana rather than Hiragana or Kanji.

    Sandy would be pronounced "Sandii" but there's no written letter for "di". So it would be replaced with "dei" or "jii". サンデイ is "sandei" which would be pronounced similar to Sunday. ”サンジ is Sanji. Alternatively, you could also add an extra "ii" to the end of your name to emphasize the "ee" sound at the end of Sandy. (サンジイ)

    Joann would be ジョアン ("Jyoan"), or if it's more of a "Joe Ann" pronunciation, ジョーアン or ジョーアンー, which emphasizes the longer vowels.

    Both names would mean exactly the same as they do in English.

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    I can't write it but your name would be Sandy Joann

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