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How can i know if he blocked me ?

i've been commenting on this guys's instagram and he keeps on deleting my comments except the last one i wrote it was yesterday and i don't know if he blocked me or something how can i know

* he dosen't follow me back

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    If the name does not show up, the account got deleted or banned.

    When somebody blocks you, you cannot follow them. So when you hit the Blue button it stays blue. Also you cannot see any of the pictures they posted.

    If it says Requested when you tried to follow them, that means they're Private and have to Approve your Follow.

    Help about BLOCKING-

    --What happens when I block someone? .

    When you block someone, that person can't view your photos/videos or search for your Instagram account. People aren't notified when you block them.

    --Can a person I blocked @mention me? .

    Yes, someone you blocked can mention your user name on Instagram and this mention will appear in your News Feed. If you block someone and then change your user name it will prevent them from being able to @mention you.

    --When I block someone, will their likes and comments disappear from my photos and videos? .

    After you block someone, their likes and comments will not be removed from your photos and videos. You can delete their comments manually.

    --Are my comments and likes still visible to people I block? .

    If you have mutual followers the blocked user will still be able to see your likes and comments.

    --How do I block or unblock someone?.

    To block or unblock someone:

    1. Go to their profile by tapping at the bottom of the app and searching for their name or user name

    2. Tap in the upper-right corner of their profile

    3. Tap Block User or Unblock User

    Last note from Instagram:

    Blocking People

    Please note that by default, anyone can view your photos and videos. If you would like to make sure only your followers see your posts, turn on private posts. Once you turn on private posts, anyone who wants to see your photos or videos will have to send you a follower request, which you can then approve or deny.

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    5 years ago

    Well, I only been blocked once. I answered a question, he asked to add me, but then when he saw I am an R & Ser, he assumed I was P & Ser phobic, and felt uncomfortable with the fact there was a bunch of R & Sers in my contacts. Now what the fudge? I mean, if I can love a non-believer the same way I would another fellow Believer, why on the goodness of earth penalize me? This prejudice between if or someone believes in God is getting out of hand....

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    If he's got a private account, an you can see his photos, you aren't blocked, it could also be that they aren't posting, my IG app had problems there. If its that big of a deal you could always text him and ask what the problem is.

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