Kaspersky detected a trojan on a Mac, but it's not showing up?

So I just bought a Macbook Pro not even 24 hours ago. I wanted to transfer my files from my PC to my Mac. I saved all my PC files onto my Toshiba external hard drive. My Mac has Kaspersky security on it and as soon as I plugged my external hard drive into my Mac, Kaspersky said my files had a trojan. I hit skip all becuase I didn't want to delete my files on the hard drive. So kaspersky says I have threats and the cirle thing is red, but when I scan it, it says there are no threats detected. Now when I open up the reports it shows the trojan from my hard drive under the active tab. The disinfect button is not greyed out, but when I click it nothing happens. I have no clue how to use Macs and I have no clue how to work Kaspersky. I just bought the computer a few hours ago and I have no clue what to do. Is the virus on my Mac? How do I get it off my hard drive? I plug the hard drive onto my PC and Macafe doesn't detect a virus so why is kaspersky doing so? help please asap


Okay so I figured out how to get the virus off my mac turns out I just didn't know how to use kaspersky....but I plugged my hard drive into my old pc and scanned it with malwarebytes and It came up clean....is it okay to plug it into my mac now? I'm afaird that if I plug it in the trojan will still be there. Is there any way it went undetected on my PC...

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  • TEX4S
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    7 years ago
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    you shouldnt have hit skip all.

    Infections dont mess with your personal data.


  • 7 years ago

    Kaspersky should be able remove it. If not buy mcaffee. Mine removed all the virus's I ever had off my computer.

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