What would be a good career for me?

1. I hunt, so the job has to allow me to take a few weeks off to do this.

2. I love animals and the outdoors. I love to fish too, but I'm not looking for a marine biologist job or anything like that

3. I was originally thinking about accounting, until I realized how boring that would be. With that said the job would have to be fun

4. My best/ favorite subjects are Math Biology, and Environmental Science.

5. It has to pay good ( 60,000 + a year)

6. Not too hard or stressful of a job


Marine biologist


Conservation officer


PS: I DONT want to work with plants ONLY, but working with plants AND animals is ok.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Have you considered being a teacher? Either Middle School or High School? This will allow you the time off, give you an opportunity to teach what you love, and inspire kids to love that subject as well. This could be really fulfilling.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    National/state parks perhaps?

    You can't tailor jobs to precisely what you want - work involves some sacrifice. You might have to weigh some of these things, and given that, it's probably better to aim for a job you'll enjoy vs. one that simply pays money. There are many people who make middling salaries who hate their life. It's better to be doing something you love and living frugally vs. doing something you hate and having a bit more money.

  • 7 years ago

    Work is not really fun. Who gave your that idea? Not stressful? Then it is not work. So you want a perfect job?

    Your first job will not pay anything close to this amount even if you have loads of university degrees.

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