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What are some good Japanese/Korean clothing stores?

I really want some Japanese/Korean clothing sites to shop at. Their styles are so cute, but I cant find good websites.

I want somewhere thats not expensive, but has high quality. I've ordered online before and had things that fall apart right away. :/

It has to be able to ship to the US and take the US dollar. also without ridiculous shipping prices. I looked at Mango Doll and the shipping was $30+.

The only ones I've heard of are Mango Doll (myoneechan), Yesstyle, and East Clothes

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    Surprisingly you can find an abundance of Asian fashion on eBay.

    I swear everyone from asia sells their stuff online haha.

    Here's some links to get you started:

    lovelyladycloset(my favorite store.)

    Youtube thumbnail



    Look for sellers with good feedback and good communication(some sellers don't speak English and will ignore you completely.)

    Some good advice would be to KNOW your measurements in centimeters. Always check the sizing chart before buying. Some sellers mark their items in Asian sizing, which runs smaller than American sizing.

    The sellers value their feedback like it's their new born so do not give them bad feedback without telling them your problem first. At best they'll give you a full refund or a discount on your next purchase. If not open a case with eBay and they'll refund your money for you.

    edit: I forget to mention to allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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