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Music editing programs?

I want to make a fall out boy medley to dance to for my dance crew to dance to at a talent show. I was wondering what could be the easiest software or program to use. I want to be able to over lap the songs and make it flows together as oppose to obvious song changes. Help please!

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    I use Sony Vegas Pro 8, WavePad Sound Editor and Adobe Audition CS6 ^^

    (I have friends who use Audacity for Audio mixing)

    The easiest (for me) is Sony Vegas. It's also a Video Editor~

    But you can add audio in, cut parts of the song, fade audio/video in and out, ect.

    WavePad and Audition CS6 are good for effects.

    I recently started using Audition, so I'm not too familiar with it. keke. xD

    * When it asks to register online/on another computer, click Online ^^ *

    Source(s): kpop coverist on youtube, keke :3 i have a lot of music/video editing stuff ^^
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