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1 day late, sore boobs, darkened nipples, could I be ?

Okay so me and my husband have been TTC for the past couple months, I don't want this to sound weird but I read online if you stay laying down after he has came inside you, it would bump up your chance of becoming pregnant, so a couple nights this past month I have fallen asleep laying down with his *** still inside me, I'm a day late, I feel a very small amount of lower back pain but no cramping, and usually I would be cramping and hurting really bad before my period starts, although I feel like I could start anytime, we even had intercourse today to see if I would start my period, nothin. My breast have been sore for about 2 weeks and my nipples have turned from pink to a brown. I'm very excited, and don't want to take a test cause I don't want that BFN! Someone please help me. We are both a fairly young couple, and recently married so the sex is a everyday thing,are the chances are high?

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    You have very high chances of being pregnant! Especially since you're young. I know TTC is tough but the only way to find out for sure is to take that PT as soon as possible. - Hoped this helped!(:

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