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What should I do about this?

Been dating girlfriend for over 2 years.

Started talking to old friend last summer.

She started liking me. But all we ever did was text.

In December she calls saying she needs to stop talking to me because she needs to get over me

I realized I like her after that, and have yet to be able to get over her despite never speaking.

How do I get over her? (This has never happened before)

Is this fair for my girlfriend for me to have these feelings?

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Feelings are natural, how you act on them is what defines what type of person you are. I had the same experience. Is your relationship good? Do you love her? If the only reason you would consider leaving her is because of that old friend, don't. Imagine how much that would crush her, after two years, that would hurt her so bad.

    I met this girl at work, same problem. If you can't manage to just talk to her as a friend without those feelings growing (which you probably can't) then she is making a good decision for the both of you when she stopped talking. Spend more time with your girlfriend, the more your with her the less you will think of breaking up with her or leaving for someone else. go on a romantic date, see her more often, and hold her close, these will all help get rid of that feeling.

    I'd only ever suggest leaving her if there is an obvious flaw in your relationship that can't be worked out. But leaving someone after two years for someone else is kinda cruel, times like these make you decide what type of person you want to be.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Grow up.

    You are just wanting what you can't have.

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