What to do when your boyfriend's friend hates you?

My bff's boyfriend's best friend 'dislikes her with a strong passion' because he thinks she'll break his heart. E (the bf's bff) thinks K (my bff) is controlling and will break L's (K's bf) heart. I know for a fact that none of that is true. She tried to be friends with E for L's sake but E did not give her a chance and accused her of not trying. E tried to force them to break up by ignoring L and they broke up for half a day and got back together without E knowing. He also said K is a psycho and that she should be in a straight jacket. L also told K that if E came near K, L would beat him up. We came up with the theory that E likes her because he said that K is hot and he wanted to put his dick in various holes. (ew). L's cousin also said that E likes her. E has caused K so much stress that it's making K and L's relationship difficult.

Hope all the letters didn't confuse you.

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    nothing ---- they have to accept you are together and if they dont like it too bad ---- if its causing stress then maybe they are not really that attracted to each other --- when you are what other people think is not relevant

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    It's all immature and childish. Maybe stop worrying about what other people think. I have no idea why your boyfriend's friend is so concerned about your boyfriend's heart. He has his own heart to worry about.

    I think he's jealous of your boyfriend.

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