Does she like me (same sex)?

So Im bi and I had this crush on my friend neighbor and I thought she liked me so I told her how I felt. Right before I told she said I know what you're going to say I like gay people I have a girlfriend. And then I went home and she said she didn't like me. And she was lying about her girlfriend but I read her diary and it said that she had a girlfriend plus she told my friend. Anyways when we were just friend she was always trying to touch me and one time she slept over my house and she was leaning on. My shoulder and we slept outside in a tent and when I woke up she was wrapped all around me. And whenever I was hanging out with other girls or guys she would act all jealous and ask who they were. So I decided to tell her that I like her but like I said she denied that she was bi or gay. She's had like 2 girlfrinds and a bunch of boyfriends. So a year passed and we went to this camp. before the camp i told her that i didnt like her anymore because i wanted the trip to go smoothly. but when we were there she kept staring at me. Like where ever I was she would find me in the room. But she wouldn't talk to me and on the trip back my friend went to a different seat and she sat next to me and was talking to people. Anyways when I got back from camp I sent her text saying loved yesterday loved still always have always will. And she replied you still like me and I said yes. But I told her not to break my heart again and she said ok I never meant to hurt you. And then that was the end of that conversation then a couple days later she sent me a text saying hey (she never text me) so I thought she liked me. Because why would she text me after I said that. But then she got a boyfriend for like two days and I said I will wait for you because you're so worth it and she said aww. But the next few days she didn't say anything so she was liking all of my pictures on Facebook and she called me pretty. So I sent her a text. But she said she didn't like me. What's the deal.


Every time I tell her I like her she acts like she likes me but then I tell her how I feel but she says she is straight. But she keeps getting girlfriends and she acts like she likes me. I really like her but she keeps saying she's straight.

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    7 years ago
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    It would help to know your age but I'm writing this answer assuming you two are between 13 and 16.

    Theory one: She does like you but doesn't want it to be known because she may be embarrassed to be with you, she thinks you two aren't meant to be, or there may be something else going on,

    Theory two: She's just experimenting with different people, and you happen to be one if them. A lot of teens experiment with different people to find out what they like. In this case, I'm sure she's not trying to lead you on.

    Theory three: She's just leading you on. For fun. Maybe she enjoys feeling wanted, and leading people on. She may have noticed you liked her and is just getting some entertainment out of it.

    Theory four: She actually doesn't like you. Girls are naturally "touchy feely" and like expressing friendship and trust through touch. In this case, she probably noticed you liked her (through her experiences) and wanted make sure you understand she doesn't like you. It could be difficult for her because she may be the "tipical girl" (touchy feely). Maybe she doesn't realize she's leading you on. It might help to just talk to her face to face about your feelings and her actions to her things cleared up.

    I don't know you two, so none of this is personal! This is all from personal experience of people that I have come across in my life.

    I hope this helps! Sorry it's so long. I definitely recommend expressing all of your thoughts to her to get things straightened out. You're still young too :)! Friends and lovers come and go often!

    Ps. I didn't review my answer. I hope autocorrect is on my side today haha

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