Is it bad idea to sell my high school art work?

I have been doing art for my whole life and I just recently graduated high school. I am a two time taker of AP Studio and I've been doing commission art as a sort of job for about a year.

I've loved doing commissions a lot and it's been paying. A lot of people are interested in my work as well as my abilities.

From taking studio I have over 50 pieces--this is just from two years.

Now that I have been accepted into college and I have received the highest scholarship money available, it seems I have no need for my high school portfolio.

I've started to sell my work on my artist page on facebook.

I have no problem selling my work, but it seems that my father has. He told me that it was unwise to sell my high school work but I feel that it's only smart to do this, since a lot of people have asked to buy it in the past, and I really don't think I'll need it.

I'm going to be an art major in college and the stuff I'm going to be creating will far surpass my work from high school. I feel that anyone who wants to see my portfolio down the road is not going to care about anything I made in high school but rather the things I made in college.

I don't understand why he's being such a butt about me selling it. Especially since I need money for college.

But regardless, it's making me second guess myself.

Should I sell my high school work? Or am I going to really need it down the road?? Cause I doubt it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Well it really depends on how you feel about your art and whether you want to give it away or not. But i do think it's a good idea if it's doing something you'll love and gain a good profit by it. It wouldn't be bad if you sold a few now and then as long as you keep some for yourself lol. Memories you know? Who knows keep it longer it might worth something more in the future. can't you just draw more stuff up? xD

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