Can I make it In to University of South Carolina on my grades?

Ok, Im an uprising senior, I have decent grades. GPA is maybe a 3.2 right now. But it should go up because Im taking dual credit. (College Classes In High School) and other needed classes. I have made all A's in my english classes so far and hope to expect one in English 101. I have all my history's except Economics and Government which Im gonna take. I have all my lab sciences and taking my last one this year which is Anatomy & Physiology. Now math... :( I played around in math classes. I have a B in Algebra 1, C in Geometry, D in Algebra 2, and C in Prob and Stats. See Im scared if I don't take a math my senior year, their not going to except me. So Im retaking algebra 2 this year to improve the grade, and i might be able to take pre-calculus that 2nd semester, because at my stupid school, you cant take pre cal with a D in Alg 2. And Im starting on scholarships and grants, Im trying to major in Computer Science. Ok, I have two Spanish classes I completed also. I made a 17 on my ACT the 1st time I took it, so Im going to take it again in October and apply by December. You need atleast a 24 to get in which I hope I achieve. If I can do all the work and get A's and B's and pass everything, is there A good chance I can get accepted. I have other colleges in mind, but I really love this one. Please help and advice!!!!

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    7 years ago
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    Two thoughts for you: First, go to the source and speak with their Office of Admissions:

    That link tells you who the best person is to contact assuming you live in South Carolina. It is their job to speak with you and discuss what your options are. Hopefully you'll get a clear path to take. Be sure to ask when a good time would be to take a campus visit.

    Second, do not assuming taking dual credit will be a fix for your GPA. I had one student who scored a 1300 on the SAT but his GPA went from a 3.4 to a 2.5 because he was used to easier high school level courses and wasn't willing to adjust his approach to learning. Work on that ACT score and be sure to take all of your classes serious

    Source(s): Admissions Counselor with 5 years experience, Bluefield College.
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