What is the best anime series for a blu ray player?

I got a blu ray player and want to know what is the best series to get on a blu ray player and where to find it.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Yu Yu Hakusho got the remastered treatment especially for its blu ray release. A great show, and it's never looked better.

    If you are old enough to remember the old Star Blazers TV show, well, the anime it was based on, "Uchu Senkan Yamato," is being remade as "Space Battleship Yamato 2199." The episodes that have already aired have been released on blu ray in Japan (I just don't know if those volumes include English subtitles.) I can tell you that, from what I have seen of it, it puts the original series to shame. The artwork is breathtakingly gorgeous, reverent where it needs to be, and eye-dazzlingly new where it needs to be. I, personally, will wait until there is an official English dub (however long that takes). Trust me, this is one to keep an eye open for.

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