I need someone's pov!!! Help!?

I just need someone who's had a boyfriend who did cheat on you & you took him back. Does it ever get better? He cheated on me so long ago & I can't get over it. & I'm always thinking she was better then me & I think he's talking to her but I'm pretty sure he's not. I just need someone else's point of view.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Girl, I did this. I couldn't do it. I took my ex back after he slept with my best friend. It worked for about 6 months due to the fact that I felt like he then picked me over her... but it eventually ended up BAD. I wasn't able to ever trust him again. If he'd leave the house, I was always afraid he was meeting another girl.

    A REAL man/boyfriend will NEVER treat you that way. You don't just "accidently" put your penis in a girl. He messed up and YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT; you DESERVE better than that. Don't sell yourself short.

    She's not prettier or better than you... she was just easier and more available (a homewrecker); you'd never want to be like that.

    It gets better. It hurts for a longggg while, but it'll get better and a few months/years from now it wont even hurt you to say his name.

    Good luck && stay strong.

    Source(s): Past experience.
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