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How do I break the monotony of new motherhood?

I am 26. When I became pregnant, my friends kind of disappeared. They were/are still in the single life. My son is now 8 monthes old. I am stuck in a rut. All I do is work and come home to take care of my son. My fiance works a rotating schedule where he works 4 day shifts, is off for a few days, town works 4 nightshifts. So he has days to himself... but I don't. Ever. I feel like I am losing the woman I was before I had my son. Please help.

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    you need some respite

    i imagine you are not getting a lot of sleep also

    some young mother's babysit for each other to get a bit of time out

    if you have family or friends that could help, try them

    try asking this in the baby section - you will get better answers

    also the baby names section

    lots of experienced mum's there

    EDIT: my sister felt like this with her babies , we used to house swap for the weekend and i would look after her kids

    also be aware of post natal depression, my sister went through it with her second child, i don't know if there are mums groups where you live - but it's worth doing a net search

    best wishes

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    Oh girl, your right. You need someone over the age of 8 mos. to talk too. Honestly, he's getting old enough for you to take him out, and educate him on the various sites, meet and talk to other mom's, maybe become friends with them, and hang out, sometime, with the kids. Meet up at the baby pool, with, go to the local library for the storytelling for you son's age. Take a walk around the neighbor with him in the stroller. It's good for kids to get out every day. They learn to adapt/adjust better to everything. Look for the least expense things to do, but fun, and you will find many good mother's, having a good time. I hope this helps..don't think your stuck, or you will be. Take advantage of all the volenteer programs too, they offer a variety of ways you can spend your time while at home. Shelter's recycle toys all year for Christmas. Put a puzzle together, that sometimes helps calm things down, and listen to some music. I hope all this helps. Enjoy it, it beats punching a time clock.

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    Other than having a babysitter watch the child for a few hours once in a while, so you can go out and do something fun, I don't think there is much. This is parenthood, and it requires a lot of time and effort the first few years. If you didn't want to sacrifice the bulk of those few years, you weren't ready for being a parent. Too late now of course :).

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    Do you have a mother who could come and babysit a bit for you? Could you put your infant in daycare one day a week? - you need time to yourself - give it to yourself. A depressed mother is the last thing a baby needs - look after yourself - find a way to get out and get away for a bit.

    Pay no heed to the males who answered who clearly do not understand or have any compassion. It never used to be so isolating as it is today for young mothers - new mothers used to have the extended family to help them and these people gave them a break - now everything is placed on the mothers lap - even fathers help so little and it's not fair - but you can make it fair - give your baby to someone else and escape for a bit - for yourself and your family.

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