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Cut off a friendship a good idea?

So i just cut a person from my life. im pretty sure it was a dumb reason but here is what happened. so something happened between her and her father. i asked what happened she said i dont want to talk about it. then i asked again what happened then she just went full fury on me. she yelled cause i always ask her what happened when she has a problem. i believe i am being a good friend trying to help her out. i told her its good to talk about problems so you she can vent out cause she always bottles up her problems i told her that thats not good for her. she just laughed at me and said that its not always the answer and that id be a better friend if i just left her problems alone. i just wanted to help out. So i just got fed up with her cause this wasnt the only time she lashed out on me so i just cut her off from my life. Any advice would be awesome

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    That is really understanding why you got fed up. Personally, I think I should to know both of you and witness that scene to give you a better answer, but here' the best one I can give you anyway.

    So, you TOTALLY did the right thing as a friend, but keep in mind people work their problems differently. If it helps her to not talk about it and she gets better, then keep it that way, if not and she's still upset, obviously she was ignorant and weird. Maybe at that time, she couldn't handle the situation well and just need time to herself.

    If she comes back into your life, next time she gets mad just let her chill by herself, then jump in and help her. I don't know if that'll quite work, but try your best. It sucks losing a friend, but sometimes friends come and go. I had so MANY I cut out through my life so far, it sucks and it's not a good feeling, but life rewards you with better ones. The ones that actually need you, overall good luck!

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    You shouldn't have cut her out of your life! Sometimes people don't want to talk about the problems they have and they just want to forget about them! So I would just help her get her mind off of the problem by hanging out with her and do something fun!! :) it's always good to get away for a while!

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    I don't know your guys relationship so it's going to be tough to judge but after her initial blow up it was probably best for you to avoid the whole "you bottle up your problems, you should vent to me" thing. If she wanted to vent she would and it probably wasn't your place to try to force it.

    Looking forward you can either drop it or let it rest for a couple of weeks and try to text her or something. Depends on what your relationship is like and how much you care. If this was kinda a fringe relationship I would let it go.

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    You did the right thing. You sound like a good friend,but maybe a little space would be good.

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