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Help! Foot in agonizing pain!?

The other day my brother accidentally threw a golf ball at my foot very very hard. (Approximately 80 mph) he's a big pitcher/quarterback being recruited by colleges so you can imagine it would hurt. Anyways it's a long story how it all happened but it hit the top of my foot on the left side. It was agonizing pain! After a while it settled and didn't hurt as bad. I iced all day. The Next day I woke up and was walking down stairs and stepped awkwardly and my big toe felt weird. Ever time I touch the spot that got hit I feel like a weird shock in my big toe. Why is this? I have football coming up and I don't wanna hurt it anymore. Please help me! I can run and it not hurt but when it gets touched it's hell. Please help!!!

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    7 years ago

    Sounds like there is some nerve damage. To get rid of the pain or swollen you need to keep off of your foot and ice it.

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