Are some Mexicans descended from Egypt?

Well, I am curious. My middle name is Osiris, like the Egyptian god. so I sort of wanted to know what are Mexicans descended from. If they are or aren't, what other places are they descended from and from what time?


Fany, I know that, but I wanted to know if any Mexicans were descended from Egypt a couple of centuries ago, not that humans overall were descended from Africa millions of years ago.

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    7 years ago
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    You could say in theory.

    Given that a percentage of Mexicans have Spanish ancestry. Spain was once Roman and the empire also included Egypt. Spain Was also conquered by the Moors, who also ruled Egypt.

    However, it is a lot more likely that your name just comes from a parent's interest in spiritualism or various secret societies which reference Egyptian mythology.

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    EEveryone absolutely everyone comes from Africa. Their was a huge study done I can't recall what the name is something about a tree. Anywho the study was done using mouth swabs in different continents and races. They did plenty of reaserch and went back all the way back. Anyway I was sort of skeptical. But the answers or theories they gave made sense. For instance one I remember was the Asians and why is Africans have dark skin and asins light skin all depends on the regions ans adaptation of were they lived. Also why their are people in Mexico of were all from Africa and they said the humans want to explore, stretch, and expand and as we moved from place to place we began to change eating habits language and so on.

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    some are descended from the native aztecs, olmecs and toltecs; some have a little spanish blood thrown in from the conquistadors.

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