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What should I wear to a pop concert?

I'm going to the one direction concert this coming weekend and I desperately need outfit advice! I've never been to a concert before so I'm not really sure how to dress. The weather is going to be around 20 Celsius (68 fahrenheit) but since its at night it could be a little cooler. I'm hesitant about wearing shorts because i'm super pale so if its cold my skin will turn like purple. Anyways should I wear a dress with a jean jacket, cropped skinnies or high waisted shorts? And what shirt? I really have no idea!


Also what shoes should I wear??

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    You could wear a band shirt with a cardigan or hoodie and bermuda shorts or capris. If you get hot you can tie the cardigan/hoodie around your waist, but if it's a night it may be cooler. For shoes I say just wear some comfy sneakers, you're probably going to be dancing and jumping around at the concert.

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    Clothes. DUH why would u go there naked

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