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What is the "Blockbusters" trivia and other Radio triviia for 7/24/13?

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  • Kathy
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    7 years ago
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    FM106; Team is Colorado Rockies; Town is Burlington; Artist is Parmalee; Facebook is Lawn; Café is Mango.

  • 7 years ago

    US 99 Chicago

    Artist: Dierks Bentley

    Traffic: Traffic Cones

    Taylor: Chicago River

    Trish: Ice Cream

    4th Quarter Quiz: Carly Rae Jepsen

    Blockbusters: Up

    Country: Darker & Heavier

    Country Livin' Trivia: Chris Janson

    In The News: Styx

    Remember When?: To Elliot's Heart.

    Trip Trivia: Alligator

    Entertainment Zone: Blue

    Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: Vancouver

    Videos Gone Wild: Madonna

    Video Trivia for Summertime: Williamsburg

    Celebrity: Hugh Jackman

    Entertainment: The National

    Savings Galore! 23 - $1000

  • 7 years ago

    US99.5 WUSN – Chicago

    Traffic Jam – Traffic cones

    Taylor – Chicago River

    Artist – Dierks Bentley

    Lunchtime Code – Ice Cream

    Email Newsletter – FGL

    Celebrity Interview Trivia – Hugh Jackman

    Country Music – Heavier & Darker

    Entertainment Video Trivia – The National

    4th Quarter Quiz – Carly Rae Jepsen

    Blockbusters – Up

    Country Livin' Trivia – Chris Jansen

    Entertainment Zone – Blue

    In The News – Styx

    Kate Middleton Channels Princess Diana – Polka Dot

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous – Vancover

    ‘Net-Zero’ Homes Strive for Energy Efficiency – Hudson

    Remember When – To Elliot’s Heart

    Smartphone App Tests for Drug Use in a Flash – $1.00

    Swimsuit Workout Targeting the Right Muscles – Dallas

    Today in History – Salt Lake City

    Trip Trivia – Alligator

    Videos Gone Wild – Madonna

    Video Trivia For Summertime – Williamsburg

    $100 Dogswell Sweepstakes – 4

  • 7 years ago

    Videos Gone Wild! - Madonna

    LifeStyles Of The Rich & Famous! - Vancouver

    Entertainment Zone! - Blue

    Savings Galore! 23 - $1000

    Video Trivia for Summertime! - Williamsburg

    String: MadVanBlu$10Wil

    4th Quarter - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Blockbusters - Up

    Celebrity Interview Video - Hugh Jackman

    Entertainment Video - The National

    In The News - Styx

    Remember When? - To Elliot's heart.

    Trip Trivia - Alligator

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  • Joan K
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    7 years ago

    July 24, 2013

    US99.5 Chicago

    Artist - Dierks Bentley

    (Thank you again Judi, hopefully she is coming home this afternoon) She's home!!!

    Lunchtime Code - Ice Cream

    Traffic Jam - Construction

    Taylor Swift - Last Kiss

    Email Newsletter – FGL

    Country - Heavier and Darker

    Country Livin' - Chris Jansen

    4th quarter - Carly Rae Jepsen

    Blockbusters - Up

    Celebrity Interview Video - Hugh Jackman

    Entertainment Video - The National

    In The News - Styx

    Music Trivia - Adam Lambert

    Trip Trivia - Alligator

  • 7 years ago

    4th Quarter: Carly Rae Jepsen

    Blockbuster: Up

    Celebrity: Hugh Jackman

    Entertainment Video: The National

    Entertainment Zone: blue

    Hot music: broken wrist

    Hot music video: false

    In the News: Styx

    Lifestyles: Vancouver

    Magic Music: You Can’t Always Get What You Want

    Music: Adam Lambert

    Pop Clips: Her Chihuahua

    Pop Quiz: Bill Clinton

    Remember when: To Elliot’s heart

    Trip Trivia: Alligator

    Videos Gone Wild: Madonna

    Video Trivia for summertime: Williamsburg

    Today in History: Salt Lake City

    Net Zero: Hudson Valley

    Smartphone App: $1.00

    Kate Middleton: polka dot

    Swimsuit Workout: Dallas

    Dogswell: 4


    630 Brett

    930 98 Degrees

    1040 plaza

    4 talk

    7 tea

    Face Brett

    MCT 250 dollars


    625 breakfast

    925 awake

    B2W Savage Garden

    425 drive

    Bonus: wonderful


    905 double

    1205 kayak

    305 tea

    705 calendar

    WGNA Star of the day: Luke Bryan

    WGNA Workforce : dispute

  • Clay
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    7 years ago


    4th quarter) carly rae jepsen

    blockbusters) up

    pop clips) her chihuahua

    trip trivia) alligator

    entertainment) the national

    celebrity) hugh jackman

    entertainment zone) BLUe

    videos gone wild) MADonna

    lifestyles) VANcouver

    remember when) to elliot's heart

    video trivia) WILliamsburgh

    in the news) styx

    savings) $1,000

    net-zero) HUDson valley

    today in history) SALt lake city

    smartphone) 15

    kate) POLk a dot

    $100 dogswell) $4

    swimsuit) DALlas


    630) BREt

    930) 98 DEGrees

    1040) PLAza

    410) TALking to ourselves

    710) TEA

    hot music video) false

    hot music) broken wrists

    mct) 5 dollars

    faceboook) BREt




    625) BREakfast

    925) AWAke

    back) SAVage garden

    425) DRIve

    music) adam lambert



    905) DOU

    1205) KAY

    305) TEA

    705) CAL

    music quiz) you can't always get what you want


    pop quiz bill clinton

  • Tacha
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    7 years ago

    Rock Music Trivia - Pneumonia

    Music Discovery Bonus Code - Lamp

    Los Angeles

    KYSR Star

    Listen & Win City of the Day - Redondo Beach

    KRTH Kearth

    Listen & Win Tix @ 2 - My Guy by Mary Wells

  • 7 years ago

    WGAR Loyal Listener Rewards - 99.5 Cleveland, OH

    Artist - Justin Moore

    Word - Peach

    Spotlight Song (8 PM) - I Believe - George Strait

    Blockbuster - Up

    Source(s): listening to the radio, doing the quizzes, help from friends here.
  • 7 years ago

    Artist of the day for US99chicago today is Dierks Bentley

    Trisha's lunchtime code is ice cream

    Traffic code is construction

    Glad to hear she's home Joan...

    The Taylor Swift code is last kiss

  • mkg
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    7 years ago


    9:25 awake

    4:25 drive

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