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Is there any techniques i can use to increase my SAT score?

Reading comprehension is my biggest problem!!! I can never get above 600. It's just sad. And vocabulary is not my trouble cuz I usually get 90-100% of the vocab questions wrong. It's just the inference, tone, and other reading comprehension questions. Is there any techniques I could use for this section. I also never finish the section on time. I usually have to leave like 5 or more questions in each section blank.

For math, I constantly make stupid mistakes (like i get the easy ones wrong) but I always know how to do all the problems. I currently have a 730, but I want to raise it to a 800. I also never have time to check my work so yea.

For writing, my biggest trouble is on the essay..But i also have problems with the harder error correction probs. I always get 8s or lower in my essay and usually 5-10 wrong on the writing questions. Is there any planned format that I can use for any essay prompt.

Thank you for all the help! I currently have a 1970 sat score but I would like to get around 2100-2200 at least cuz my dream school is under that range.

I also have tried taking a bunch of practice tests but they don't help!

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    1) Memorize vocab. You can never hurt yourself by learning more words.What I got for vocab is the Barron's SAT book. I also got Kaplan's SAT flash cards. They give a lot of words for you to memorize. Especially Barron's.

    2) Basic concepts of math. What I would do is list down the concepts I don't get and look over the internet for each of them. And if i'm missing anything, then i'd have to go back to the subject (say algebra 2) and look at the chapter or the notes that goes over that chapter. I borrowed 2 textbooks from the library, one is CollegeBoards 2012 SAT edition, another's Barron's SAT book. And I bought CB blue book, everywhere I read online said to get the bluebook and I got it for like $5 off Amazon. Everyone gets the Bluebook.

    But for a book that goes over generally all basic math on the sat, you should get the PWN SAT math guide.

    Tutoring doesn't really help in my opinion, depends on how you learn. Are you a independent learner or do you need another person to explain. Tutoring programs goes over basics. Like Kaplan and Sylvan, that's why the people i've read about said to just do self-study. One girl even said that she had to correct the teacher on the first day.

    3) Passage reading skills. You need to know your grammar, that's all that the fill-in-the-blanks are about. Grammar. Those passages are loong. It gave my brain a headache and there are alot of words you don't know put together in a sentence you don't know and it's difficult to understand what they're talking about. Eliminate answers and try your best. Read a passage everyday so you can get the hang of it. Tell yourself you love it, even if you don't

    Also, offers ALOT of sat help. I use that site too.

    4) Writing. Writing is a skill. If you're not a great writer off the bat, then it'll be a tedious jouney. Practice writing in the timed fashion. Buy practice sat books, but one at a time. After buying one book buy another. If you buy too many on one subject at one time, you'll probably be overwhelmed.

    For the essay, I read the ones that got a "6" from CB sat textbook 2012 ed. I read a lot, take some notes, and write about the quote given; except the first one not timed. And then i'll score myself or i'll get someone online to score it. Then, after i get the hang of writing, i'll do more essay's on quotes; except this time it will be timed.

    Source(s): That's a great score though, so don't feel bad if you don't get as high as you wanted. But with practice, i'm sure you could. good luck :)
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    You can find essays online that score high. Look at the writing components in them and learn from their. Can you take an SAT prep class? They usually hold them at local high schools or community colleges. You learn how to approach the test and choose the correct answers. if you miss the easy math problems try practicing the middle school algebra problems. hope this helps and good luck!

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    just read a lot in your free time. take advanced englishes classes. do practice tests.

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