What are the best cheap speakers for a turntable?

I'm looking for a price under 100 dollars. I know its very low, but i'm not expecting audiophile speakers. Good quality and at the same time very cheap would be good. Preferably an amazon link or just the name of the company would do.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You do know that you can not plug speakers into a turntable - right? Were I you, I'd forget about Amazon and new speakers and buy a set of used speakers. That $100 will go a lot farther. However if you do not have some kind of amplifier (receiver or integrated amplifier) to hook the speakers up to, you still are not going to get any sound out of that turntable. Also, if the turntable does not have a built in preamp, you will need a receiver or integrated amplifier with a phono input. Offhand, I'd look for a set of older AR or Advent speakers on eBay or Craig's List. The AR18 line is good and usually sells for around $100 or under. But again, you need a receiver or integrated amp. If you don't have one, start saving your money. Oh, and one more thing: Speakers don't know or care what the original signal source is - a turntable, CD player, radio, iPod, tape. All they know is what the amplifier is feeding them.

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