My mom keeps trying to change me?

I don't hate my mom but I very much dispose her she's keeps saying she doesn't like what I've become no that she knew me personally before or now, her personality disgust me and I can't handle her I remember one time i snapped and punched her in the nose, my room is always messy and when she tells me to clean it and I don't she gets posses and I understand that but she always urges me to cut my hair, take out my piercings, tells me what to wear what to eat and never listens to what I have to say she always must be right, never let's me hangout with my friends, cause she thinks they're bad influences shes never even met or seen my friends and thinks I smoke weed (not saying I don't) and she thinks my dreams are unrealistic and never supports them she doesn't even know how talented I am I've received many accolades from teachers and piers, she always assuming ill fail school each year, yet I always pass and says she'll kick me out if I don't listen to her I'm almost tempted to because I'm so tired of her is rather become homeless than put up with this.

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  • 7 years ago
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    what does this have to do with facebook?

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