Does my girlfriend want to break up with me?

So my girlfriend of 1 month is telling me that i'm gonna break up with her. Which I'm not going to and she doesn't believe me for some reason. Also on her instagram she posted a picture of her snapchatting a boy and she said to the boy that he's "adorable". I'm getting the feeling that SHE wants to break up with me. Any help?

Thanks c:

4 Answers

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I speak from experience, this is usually a bad sign.this is a form of communicating with subtext.if she's snapchatting with another boy this is also a very usual sign that this is the case.I'm sorry but this girl is moving on,i would try to do something really special to get her attention again.

    Source(s): Experience
  • 7 years ago

    You cant even get to know some one inside of a month..and breaking up is in the pic...think do ppl stay in relationships for doesnt start with breaking up in the first month..

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you are having this sort of stupid incident when you have only been dating a month, it isn't going to work out anyways.

    Break it off.

  • SHE wants you to break it off so she won't feel guilty when she gets with that boy, just break up with her don't be that guy man

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