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How do I tell if he is just using me for sex?

Jacob and I have hooked up twice. He is my best friend's brother, so I'm at their house a lot. The first time just kind of happened, not planned at all, but since then he has been texting me when I'm at their house, asking me to go to his room when my best friend is asleep. We have always been friends, and laugh a lot when we're together. We have had sex twice, including last night. He hasn't texted me since then, so I'm not sure what to think. After having sex we cuddle and hold hands and stuff, but that's about it. He asked me to come over one time, and I said I couldn't so that he should just have another girl come over (just to see what he'd say) and he said "I don't want just any girl, I want you.". Last night I told him I couldnt be in his room for long, and he said "that's okay, ill take all the time i can get with you :)", and another time I offered to pick him up after he had been drinking, and he said "of course you would've because youre a sweetheart and amazing". I'm getting very mixed signals, so I'm not sure what to think. My best friend would be really mad, so she doesn't know, which I think may contribute to why he only wants secret encounters. Thank you!

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    Grab his crotch and put him in a cage then bring him to your local vet. He might have worms. Try youtube, their might be some videos that teach you how to remove worms from your dog.

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    Ask him to go on a date and see if he can go in public with you. Go on the date with him to the movies and let your friend know about the date. Let them think that this is the first time you are spending private time with him, because letting everyone know how slutty you really were will not help yourself.

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    Sounds like he likes you.

    Not texting you for a day isn't a sign of anything.

    Talk to your friend about it. If she finds out without you telling her its going to be a lot worse.

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    if he neevr calls

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