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When a guy blows you off because he's "busy"?

My guy friend, who I like, is for sure is legit busy with traveling and work. So I assume he's tired a lot too. I asked him to hang out the end of June. He said he was tired but wanted to reschedule. I said I understood. Not wanting to look needy I asked 2weeks later. He said he forgot about this big work mtg (legit), but wanted to reschedule. I said that's cool, but again, we never set a date. 3weeks later I was a tad upset and feeling blown off so I casually said: hey is it just me, or am I getting the feeling you don't wanna hang with me? He said, no I'm so sorry I've been in a funk recently, hard for me to explain, but I do want to hang with you. Also I've been wrapped up in my work and trying to complete a huge project. Things will be better when I get back on the 24th. Is he BSing me again?

Also he is single and not seeing anyone. He has said I was attractive/pretty before. We have hung out in person before.

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    Being "busy" definitely can be an easy blow off, I've used it, it's effective, but only works because sometimes its a fact of life. Like have any close friends in college? Come October and midterms, you don't even have time to shower properly, let alone remember to return a text. Its hard to understand and sympathize sometimes when you aren't as busy and you don't know anything specific about his situation, when you only see the outcome, him saying no, and not the effort he puts in trying to make you a priority. The most insulting and annoying thing you could do right now is to be a nag, make him feel guilty, or not give him credit for working so hard, by doubting him or telling him he's making a mistake. You are being very big about it though. At the same time though, if a guy is into you, he will make it his business to talk to you. And he's obviously not, while you're being very patient, and I'm not really seeing what that he's doing anything to deserve you. You need to be selfish and do what's best for you. What I would do is stop waiting around for him, if you hang out, you hang out, but don't be hinging too much on it.

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