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Can you give a cat liquid and pills fir fleas at the same time?

She is 20-24 pounds

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    Do you mean Advantix or Frontline plus flea pills? No. Just one.


  • PR
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    7 years ago

    NO. Don't give this. My vet just answered a question regarding medication for fleas. He told me that the drops such as Frontline are the safest. The drops that contain added ingredients past the simplest flea protection are not safe and rather than simply coating the fur, also go right into the animal's blood stream. Do not give pills, collars, sprays, or other products. You can see if you look online, that these are not safe. Only use one application of the drops, and just once per month. More will not help. You simply need a little time for it to do its job, and more is NOT better, but dangerous.

    Flea drops kill the fleas as they get onto the dog or cat. Of course, there will still be fleas on the floors and in the carpeting that will keep jumping onto the pet. So, this takes a little time to kill them all, since some will hatch in about one week from the initial application to the pet.

    To hasten the process, sprinkle some baking soda/salt into the carpeting. Allow to stand one day, and then vacuum. This helps kill the eggs and larva. Don't use chemicals on the animal or the carpeting.

    Also, don't use Hartz or Sargent products which have also had some severe reactions and safety issues. LOOK THIS UP.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Are they both for fleas? If they are just give her one.

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