USB Power/External Hard Drive clicking?

from kind of a log time ago my computeris having issues with the USB connected external HD...

i have a 250gb WD and a Hitachi 320gb and none of those are connecting,they don't show up in the terminal when i enter the command to list the available drives,they don't pop up when i connect them...

both drives do seem to turn on for both have the lights on...but what happens when i connect them is that they just start clicking and do not ever connect

This only happens with those two external devices,since i plug my phone and a keyboard

However,if i plug them into any other computer from my house,the drives will work just fine,i tried them both in an old notebook and a regular desktop pc...

does that have anything to do with my machines USB Ports not providing enough energy to the drives?is there a way to fix that by changing the usb ports?

thanks in advance


i understand that the clicking is bad,but please note that both drives work just fine in other computers.

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  • -DC-
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    7 years ago
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    If they work fine on another computer then yes, it's probably your USB port not providing enough current to power the drive. Or the drives could be starting to fail. I would download drive diagnostics from WD and Hitachi to check.

    You could buy an externally powered USB hub and see if that works.

  • 7 years ago

    there's a lot of missing clues here. what OS are the systems that can access the two drives? are the two drives usb 3.0 although that shouldn't matter since they should be backwards compatible. you mentioned terminal so is the system that can't access them linux or mac? in terminal run "dmesg | less" and scan for keywords like external usb, usb, hitachi, western digital, etc. in terminal run "lsusb" to see if they are detected. if they are try mounting them manually. if you can't mount them then your system can't read the filesytem that the drives are using.

  • 7 years ago

    "when i connect them is that they just start clicking"

    this means the drive is damaged. If you received it this way, return it for a replacement if its in warranty.

    Otherwise it was likely caused from you dropping it, or while it was writing data you ended up bumping it or causing some kind of shock to the drive.

  • DrDave
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    7 years ago

    If the drives are clicking, the stylus in them is broken. This is usually due to user mishandling of the drive. These things are delicate and not meant to be tossed around.

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