Is there a free art program I can use?

I want to digitally color my drawings but I don't have money at the moment to get Paint Tool Sai or Illustrator. So, is there any program I can use that is completely free?

Don't say Paint, please.

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  • Paul
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    7 years ago
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    GIMP and Krita for 2D art and photo editing; free alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

    Inkscape for vector illustration; free alternative to Adobe Illustrator.

    MyPaint for free-form drawing and painting; free alternative to Paint Tool SAI.

    The above listed Open Source Software products are 100% free with full functionality, no adware, no spyware, and no viruses, and you're allowed to use them in any production, free of charge.

    Source(s): GIMP - Krita - Inkscape - MyPaint -
  • -DC-
    Lv 6
    7 years ago

    Paint... dot net, that is. Or GIMP, Picasa.

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