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A teen learning of becoming a mechanic?

Hey, I'm 16 and very interested maybe becoming a mechanic. Is their any free PDFs or video courses to help me through.

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    Nothing is free in the car repair business

    Learn as much as you can about electronics, then go to a GOOD tech school

    If your local 2-year college has an automotive tech program that would be worthwhile

    The guys who make the most money these days do engines, transmissions, and electrical repair, and guys who can repair big trucks will always make good money

    There are lots of ways to get started, but Jr College VoTech, followed by a GOOD tech school should work for you. I know a guy who started in the wash bay at a dealership when he was a teenager, he now makes $80,000/year as a technician at a Mercedes dealer

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    Go to you tube first, then just Google your way around and find the mechanical sites.

    Really a lot to choose from and you should be able to find anything you want or need related to automotive repair on the web.

    I've included a couple of sample sites to get you going:

    Note: The last link is to a guy who's kind of a loud mouth but he knows what he's doing.

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