What defense should I run in NBA2k13 vs this guy?

I'm playing this guy in an online association and it's the playoffs.. hes really good and so am i but im not as good on defense as offense

Here's his lineup vs mine:


PG:Deron Williams

SG:Brandon Knight

SF:Gerald Wallace

PF:Lamarcus Aldridge

C:Nikola Pecovic


PG:Tony Parker

SG:Marcus Thornton

SF:Travis Outlaw

PF:David Lee

C: Marcin Gortat

Oh and must be on ball D at all times

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  • 7 years ago
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    Just play man-to-man defense. Also, I would press and I would double team Williams and knight every time they r dribbling the ball up to force turnovers. Finally, double-team Aldridge in the post to stop his scoring in the paint abilities.

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