An Idea of Broadcasting our Presence?

So First off before i get into Details, I mentioned Earlier like SETI or Etc, Broadcasting our presence, Let alone Location could be vital. But knowing our position in the universe, Those Light years could be a Line of security noting it would take time to cross those light years. Depending on what the object crossing it is. W/E as i Spoke of putting Defensive missiles or Special Satellites into Orbit (Feel free to read my previous Questions as a Reference). But these Defensive Missiles or "Special Satellites" These missiles or Satellites Could defend earth against a Comet/Asteroid or/well an ET "Craft or W/E" Entering a Certain Orbit. But that isn't my Question its only an Ideal way to Ensure our Safety. Anyways Why don't we Launch a few "special" missiles into orbit like so many lite years or something that would blow up. These Rapid Explosions, or time interval Explosions, would Broad cast our Presence in a way "EVERY" Species would be able to understand or well at least attract there Attention. After these missiles (which assuming attracts there attention) We'll Launch beems / or Then Radio Broadcast into Deep Space. This would be an Ideal way of getting into contact with an ET Civilization. and if there are indeed Advanced ET Life, they'd get the gasp of what we were doing. or would want to check out the explosions. Be mindful this could be trouble. As Someone may get it to be an Invitation to war. But hey if that happens we have the defensive system of missiles or satellites to back us up. But i hope you get the grasp of what i'm saying its only a perspective. I know this Might be a Waste of Material, or Money (What if there is no one to perceive this broadcast) or what not. That's not my Question. Its "is this a Good Idea" I'd love to hear what you guys think of my Ideal Method. and if You have a good way of adjusting it that would make the Method a little better , I'd love to hear it.

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    Your in the middle of the ocean. Your ship is sunk and your on a raft. You have one single flare. Your not even sure if that flare will work. Do you launch it right there and then, or do you wait till you see a ship on the horizon, or a plane, or some sign of civilization before you try to launch your one flare?

    My suggestion, is wait till we find the alien civilization, or at least signs of one, and then send them a flare to get their attention. If we just launch our explosions, even if they can see a blip, they will still have to know where to look to see it, assuming they are some light years away. It would be a pretty small explosion and if they did see it, they might just take it as a planetary collision and not pay any attention.

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    Unfortunately none of that would work or be practical, not for the expense, but the general ability of the general rules of physics to thwart the entire thing.

    We, as a technical species, do not yet have any form of FTL drive, consequently, launching anything light years away would simply take too long both physically and timewise to mean anything..

    example: alpha centari prime is about 4.2 light years from earth, thats 8 12/2 years round trip, at light speed. that is also about 60 years round trip conventional.

    this means, unlee the missile had a very long timer to self destruct, the missile would take at least 20 years to get out of our solar system, and, if we took our time at leats one or two years to send the signal to get to the missile and destruct the missile. and another two years to see the results.

    if we actually wait to recieve and acknowledge the signals to establish communication and funtionality of our little bomb, befire sending the destruct signal, thats two more years each, so a total of 8 years just to get out of the solar system, set off the bomb and receive the proof of the explosion..

    That is if we use radio. lasers would take a little less time, but we would need to set up relay beacons across our solar system for that to work, so you are now looking at a total time from launch to destruction of the bomb, of 28 years.

    THAT IS an exercise in futility

    Source(s): high school physics
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    I have a better idea: lets first establish whether aliens even exist.

    Evidence is mounting that we are all alone in the universe. If there really is anyone "out there", then they are so far away that contact of any description is impossible.

    What's more: noone is the least interested in a bunch of silly primitive social vertebrates who are still working their way through their territorial squabbles. Noone is going to come here: warlike or otherwise. Noone cares. If aliens exist then (unlike so many of us), they have a life. They have far better things to do than molest hominids on a distant planet.

    Please give up the tv, comic books, or tasteless web sites that feature space boogiemen, and learn to think for yourself.

    You wil then enjoy astronomy on a whole new level.


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    That makes as much sense as teats on a boar hog. Let's send a signal out so some advanced alien civilization can come blow us to smithereens. we need to LISTEN for life. Not broadcast ours all over hells half acre. An imagination is a great thing to have PROVIDING you have a little common sense to go with it. Even dumb game animals have enough brains to hide from hunters.

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    Even if we were to launch AND explode all our nuclear arsenal in one shot, the luminosity of the explosion would simply look like a tiny "burp" in comparison to our Sun.

    If anything, it might prompt an advanced civilization to come over here and wipe us out just to punish us for having polluted space with our explosions.

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    Dude, get a grip on reality. Aliens aren't real. You watch too much TV.

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