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Why so many single ladies?

I see many single ladies...many of them are beautiful too. They want certain kind of guy..but that kind is not going for them. What are they doing wrong?

I'm not talking about the ones who are too busy or whatever. I'm talking about the ones who want to be in relationships.

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    In our head is one type of guy and that is rarely found, hope you can find the right one

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    Lol good question but i'm a girl i don't have a type or go for a certain guy cx and personally i think they just get caught up thinking about that guy and then they start believe that he actually might like them but they really don't. So thats pretty much it. They get to attatched. That's just it and they try so hard to be perfect for that one guy.

    Source(s): It has happened to me. I totally regret it by the way cx
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    The lack of the standards the woman may have to have a relationship. Some men can be so manipulative: must protect yourself and date with cautious.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    this is not true most women have realtionships its only the ugly women that are alone and cant get realtionships iam ugly no guy wants me

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  • Malea
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    7 years ago

    cuz they haven't found a guy they like yet, maybe? lol

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