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why does nothing go my way?

well here is an example of how bad my luck is.. so im going on this cruise with my friend and our familys, and after days of us waiting to see if we can room together, we finally got the answer yes!! i was sooooo happy i was the happiest ive ever been! i was so excited i could cry because of how much fun me and my friend were gonna have! and it was just gonna be us 2 and nobody else and we get along so well just us 2 and no annoying people in our way. THEN my damn mom invited my other "friend" and her mom to go. i started crying. because this "friend" is VERY annoying, high maintenance, loud, abnoxious, and mean at times when she doesnt get her way.. she expects us to hang out with her when we really dont want to :( THEN my friends mom (the one im sharing a room with) said she doesnt trust my friend in a room alone with me. like were gonna go out and DRINK or something.. which i would NEVER do. so pretty much my whole vaction is ruined because i was looking foward to having my own room and exploring the ship and meeting new people with JUST her and not this annoying b**ch in my way. now i have absolutly nothing and i just feel like crying my eyes out because i never get to have fun with my friends or do things the way i wish it could go.. im not a "selfish brat" or "rude" im just a girl whos most exciting summer plans and maybe even best plans of all time got CRUSHED and just last week i was crying because i was so happy and now im crying because im so sad. WHAT DO I DO HOW CAN I FIX THIS!! i feel like i can just die :[

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    Phooey, I would go alone, stay with a relative or just stay home with a good book. I wouldn't put up with it.

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